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An ode to women's hips
An Ode to Women's Hips
Girl, love your hips.
Wide or slender, high or low
Your foundation, your center
It’s what defines him from her
Your natural safe spot
Cause if you can hold it to that little nook
It’s yours
Be it your baby, your man, or your worries
Rest your burdens on that shelf of bone
Hold your loved ones on that gentle knoll
And you won’t be alone
So thrust them out
They’re nothing to be shy about
Let them roll around
Shimmy up and down
Your body’s grace
Resides in that luscious space
Girl, love your hips
For as your support, your balance
they are yours, yours, yours, yours
and only yours
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In His Garden
In His Garden
Darkly arrogant as polished onyx
And tempting as a blood diamond
Confusing as aeronautic mathematics
But smells like man
Succulent as black licorice
Or so I imagine
Smooth as molasses with japenero seeds
Mixed in there somewhere
An ace in all holes
Though rabbit holes are his favorite
Oh how like a flame that’s too dangerous
To get too close to
A black rose among tulips
A rare example of classic breeding
I sit and glance up,
An ivy leaf
In his garden of calla lilies
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Every year on my birthday
I catch myself wondering for a moment where I was at this time
the day I was born
the image that always comes to mind
is looking up the young woman who is my mother
registering only the absolute rightness of the cradle formed by her arms
and caring only that she kept cooing to me
maybe my brother is there, not yet comprehending
what exactly my existence means
but excited for it nonetheless
perhaps my grandparents are there as well
I guess I like to think of those small hours
where I was the most important being on earth
and I had no understanding of it
and I wonder what my mother saw when she looked at me
beyond my tiny body
did she try to imagine as the woman I might be?
as the two little cells I once was?
Did she try to guess the color of my hair?
Or did she just see the two blue eyes
staring up at her through the pink blanket?
:iconryusui:Ryusui 0 1
Juno Reactor Chapter 1
Juno Reactor
Chapter 1: Initiation
“Come on now Al, you’re going to meet RC-127.”  
Aldous gave the officer a confused look. The officer only offered a grin in response,
You said you need to be up to speed on all projects and achievements. RC-127 is one of our more...unconventional projects. And I promise you, you limeys don’t have anything like her.”
“Well what is ‘she’ exactly?  A new weapon?  A computer system?”
Another nondescript grin was his only answer as the officer lead him into an elevator. Aldous decided that the officer was apparently keen on his surprises, Aldous pulled out a new form and popped the cap off his pen.
“Well then, how long has the project been in development?”
“40 years or so, depends on what you qualify as the beginning of the project. RC-127 is the result of a couple different projects falling into together which all started within a couple years of each other.”
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Queen of Antiquity by Ryusui Queen of Antiquity :iconryusui:Ryusui 1 1 The Girl Queen by Ryusui The Girl Queen :iconryusui:Ryusui 1 0 Tape 9 by Ryusui Tape 9 :iconryusui:Ryusui 1 1 Tape 8 by Ryusui Tape 8 :iconryusui:Ryusui 0 0 Destruction by Ryusui Destruction :iconryusui:Ryusui 0 0 The fine line by Ryusui The fine line :iconryusui:Ryusui 1 0 Stone Guardians by Ryusui Stone Guardians :iconryusui:Ryusui 0 0 Senior ID by Ryusui Senior ID :iconryusui:Ryusui 1 1
The poet's sestina
The tired student sits in the hall as the teacher lectures
As it’s not his favorite subject, he understandably daydreams
of being a poet
He listens to the simple profoundness in The Sound of Silence
Completely unaware that the teacher as outlined the newest problem in blue
What is this, he wonders, where in this lies a truth?
Until then he did not realize he was seeking a truth
He was just listening to lectures
An in-depth explanation as to why the sky is blue
He seems to find more validity in his daydreams
His head, despite the efforts of his professor is filled with a smothering silence
Enough to turn any man into a poet
He thought of how he had been always kept away from the poet
Their bongo drums and turtlenecks some distraction from the truth
His attempts to drabble had always been met with a silence
That was even more humiliating then the lectures
killing his desire to indulge in daydreams
of the robin’s egg perfect shade of blue
Such a lovely, hopeful blue
A perfect su
:iconryusui:Ryusui 1 0
Spring Day Dreaming
The wind blows the white apple blossoms
Like flecks of living snow,
They whirl out of control, careening
In a krybdess of fragrance
We are like the blossoms
Darting without choice on the breath
Of cool spring breezes
Or does the shape of each petal affect its path
Does our form create our future?
How the tree shivers
Like a worried mother in the cold zephyr of change
Reluctantly releasing her children in the throes of her shivers
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Promises for a warm summer day
When I live with my husband
In a warm house in Indiana
I’m going to walk around with my shirt off
Not in public mind you, that’s for Europe
But in my small home, when the air conditioning
Is broken
I will shed my top as my husband does
My bra too
Stretching my arms way over my head
Lazily enjoying the tensing of my breast plate
I’ll walk around as he does
Not to entice him
Or to make a statement,
No, for the relaxing sensation
Of shedding my self-consciousness
Along with the wires and cotton
The expectations and discomforts
So the pleasant tingling of my comforters
Will reach me everywhere as I lay down
There will be a delightful thrill to the exposure
A heavy sigh as everything falls
Into its natural place
A warm grin and a pleasantly contented sound
With closed eyes as I hold my arms
Relishing my palest skin’s contact
With the arm air
I will proceed to go on with my business
,my order of the day
Half naked.
:iconryusui:Ryusui 1 0
A warning to readers
A Warning to readers who cross their legs
Why do you stand with your leg crossed?
It’s so off balance
Every one of you! You off balance poets!
Is that secure? Is that comforting?
To be careening like the Sears Tower in a hurricane?
It’s enough to make me sea-sick!
Stand-up, stand your ground and ground
Your poem
Stop rolling your feet and biting your lip
You’re a poet dammit, be proud
Stand up with your stupid barrette, coffee
That cost way too much in hand
Plant both feet on the ground and
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TWO WINGS by Keitaro333 TWO WINGS :iconkeitaro333:Keitaro333 4,419 586



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